Release June 2020

Diva International has become aware of the situation brought to our attention by Ileri Jaiyeoba and members of the menstrual justice community. We are halting our involvement with the organization, we are effectively stopping all financial and product donations and looking to redirect these contributions to community-focused, BIPOC and Black-led organizations.


We will reassess our involvement once the changes have been made in a manner that is satisfactory to the menstrual movement and menstrual justice community, as well as to Diva International.


In the meantime, we are reaffirming our commitment to community-focused, BIPOC, and Black-led organizations in the following ways:

  • We have donated $25,000 to Black Lives Matter in June 2020.
  • We are also committing an additional $25,000 to support BIPOC-led and focused organizations over the next year. 
  • We have reinforced our partnerships & pilot programs with Black-led organizations such as Diva Day, the HERZ Movement and Black Women's Blueprint.
  • We are committed to donating 5,000 cups to BIPOC charities in North America over the next year.


We believe in and agree that there needs to be better access for, representation, and treatment of Black and BIPOC individuals in this movement, and we thank the brave individuals for speaking up and bringing these issues to our attention.