Senator Maria Collett Introduces Menstrual Equity Legislation

Senator Maria Collett introduced legislation to establish the “Pennsylvania Menstrual Equity Act,” to ensure that Menstrual Products (“MPs”) are available in public bathroom facilities. For nearly a century, Pennsylvania has required that public bathroom facilities provide basic health and hygiene supplies such as toilet paper, soap and trash receptacles. No similar requirement exists for MPs. …

How access to period products removes a barrier to education

A growing number of states are exempting menstrual products from tax. Advocates for period equity argue taxing these supplies is unfair because periods are a necessity, not a choice. And some schools and universities are now opting to provide these products free in an effort to reduce absences and ensure that low-income students have access to them. Education Week’s Kavitha Cardoza reports.

Menstruation is not a girls’ or women’s issue – it’s a human rights issue | UNFPA – United Nations Population Fund

JUBA/COX’S BAZAR/UNITED NATIONS – “My periods are a nightmare,” Nyanjuma Galoth, 20, told UNFPA at a civilian protection camp in South Sudan. “They are very painful, and I can’t get any sanitary products.”It is a major source of stress, she said. “The days that I am lucky, I get a few sanitary pads from my friends, while other days, I end up using rags to absorb the blood flow.”  It is like “a terrible sickness,” she said. 

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