Documentary: Pandora's Box

Diva International presents Pandora's Box

For generations, women have been shamed, ostracized and silenced merely because they menstruate, a natural bodily function that half the world's population experiences. This age-old discrimination is a central issue in the struggle for gender equality. And it must stop now.

Pandora's Box unmasks the global pandemic of menstrual inequity, pulling back the veil on centuries of mistreatment. Here we witness the unforgettable stories of girls in Africa, India, and beyond, who lack education and access to period products. From Maasai villages to Mumbai and on to London, we meet young women who are forced to stay home from school, or even drop out, simply because they can't access menstrual supplies. We also meet women who were formerly incarcerated within the US prison system, talking about their struggles to menstruate safely while deprived of basic human hygiene. As one of them asks: "Isn't the ability to menstruate with dignity a basic human right?"

The 75-minute documentary also captures the commentary of heroes, innovators, activists and thought leaders. We watch them battle the stigma of menstruation with their mission to educate, changing minds and cultural biases.

The powerful stories that emerge raise public consciousness of menstrual equity, a global movement that has gone mainstream. As movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp dominate the mainstream, there has never been a better time to turn up the volume on women's voices.

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The Pandora’s Box Podcast is on a mission to uncover how periods affect the lives of those that experience them around the globe. Join filmmakers Aine and Cait as they travel the world to find real stories by real people who are championing change and bringing light to the global impact of menstruation. This podcast was produced in partnership with Diva International (makers of the DivaCup) and Media One Creative.

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