Pandora's Box

People who menstruate have been shunned and silenced for millennia, and it's about bloody time to talk about it. Pandora’s Box is a transformative documentary that looks at the issue of Period Poverty and Menstrual Equity on a global scale.

Pandora’s Box Podcast

The Pandora’s Box Podcast is on a mission to uncover how periods affect the lives of those that experience them around the globe.


Improving people’s lives through education, advocacy and access

by revolutionizing their period experience.


Providing menstrual health education and resources to reduce stigma and establish menstrual equity as a societal norm.

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Working towards legislative change in order to make menstrual equity possible.

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Ending period poverty by lowering the barriers to accessing menstrual care products through our donations program.

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In the Spotlight

Our January featured partner is Women's Environmental Network.

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